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What to do in Koh Samui?

Every year, millions of tourists come to visit Thailand. And among the most beautiful areas to visit is Koh Samui. This island is a true natural wonder and offers many possibilities for outdoor activities. Find out in this article the best activities to do on Koh Samui.

Activities on Koh Samui

There are many things to do on Koh Samui. Indeed, it is possible to go hiking in the mountains of the island. More specifically, you can hike to see the Big Buddah and the view it offers over the island.

It is also possible to do several water activities such as kayaking, boating or jet skiing. Indeed, there are several places on Koh Samui to rent these activities. The experience is enjoyable and is a must if you are touring the island.

Finally, it is also possible to tour the island by bicycle. The island is very large and it takes several days to do it by bike. However, it is an experience to do if you are sporty.

  1. Visit the temples of Koh Samui Koh Samui has many beautiful temples. One of the most famous is Wat Plai Laem. It is located on the Plai Laem lake. Here you can admire the majestic 18-metre high Buddha statue. A visit to the temple is a must for all tourists visiting Koh Samui. 2. Explore the Samui Caves Samui’s caves are full of stories and legends. The most impressive is Namuang
  2. It is a sight not to be missed. You can admire stalactites and stalagmites as well as waterfalls. At the top of the waterfall, there is a natural lake, which is much quieter than the bottom of the waterfall.
  3. Visit Koh Taen Island Koh Taen is the closest island to Koh Samui. It is a quiet island with a beautiful landscape. It is possible to get there by motorboat. The waters around this island are perfect for scuba diving. There are many species of fish and coral to be seen.
  4. Wat Phra Yai Wat Phra Yai is a temple located in the north of the island. It is overlooked by the 12-metre high Buddha statue. You can admire the statues of giant goddesses. Children can have fun in the garden of this temple.
  5. Explore the surrounding islands Koh Samui is surrounded by other beautiful islands. This is a unique opportunity to explore these islands and discover the different cultures that prevail there. You can discover new culinary specialities and new landscapes. You can get there by boat or by public transport.

Koh Samui beaches: Where to go?

For beach lovers, Koh Samui is an ideal destination. There are hundreds of public and private beaches, with crystal clear waters, fine sands and lush vegetation.

The most famous beaches on the island are Chaweng Beach, Lamai Beach, Bophut, Choeng Mon, and Lipa Noi. These beaches are perfect for relaxing and swimming. They are also great for water sports.

Rent a bungalow in Koh Samui

Finding a bungalow in Koh Samui is easy. Just pay attention to the season of arrival on the island. At the same time, you should never hesitate to visit the different villages in order to make comparisons. Indeed, prices vary greatly from one accommodation to another. It can be as much as double.

You should also know that the price varies according to the quality of the accommodation. For example, bungalows with a private pool or jacuzzi are more expensive than others.

The price of a bungalow for one night varies according to the season. In the low season, a bungalow can cost between 30 and 50 euros per night, while in the high season it can cost between 60 and 100 euros per night.

On the other hand, you should also be aware that some luxury bungalows can cost up to several hundred euros per night.

Restaurants in Koh Samui

Finding a good restaurant in Koh Samui is more difficult. Indeed, you should know that in the villages of the island, there are many bad restaurants. So you have to be careful when you choose to eat.

It is therefore recommended to visit the harbour in the main town of the island, Lamai. There are several restaurants on the harbour that offer delicious food. In addition, it is possible to take a boat ride on the harbour.

Indeed, there are several boats that offer tours of the island and Lamai Bay. These tours are very pleasant and allow you to see the beauty of the island’s landscape.

Finally, when on Koh Samui, it is recommended to eat lobster and fresh fish. These are two delicious dishes and are much more affordable than in France.

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